Program details:

  • Earn $100 when referred driver hauls first load.
  • ‚ÄčEarn $400 when referred driver stays 3 months
  • Earn $500 when referred driver stays 6 months
  • Earn .01 cpm on every mile referred driver runs after 6 months for the lifetime the driver runs for PD&S!

Earning example:

Referred driver drives for 12 months with PD&S averaging 10k miles per month.  You would have earned $1,000 in fixed bonuses and another $600 in mileage bonus for a total of $1600 bonus in one year! AND, the mileage bonus continues as long as the driver runs for PD&S. This is for each and every driver you refer to us 

Program guidelines:

  • No driver referral bonus will be paid for referring a previous PD&S driver.
  • Program applies to only referring Regional and Regional Plus drivers. If referred driver moves out of the regional or regional plus program, any unpaid or continuing bonus will be forfeited.
  • Referring PD&S driver must be employed and actively working to receive referral bonus.
  • To earn referral bonus, referred driver must list PD&S employees name at time of application.
  • Referred driver must drive under our operating authority full time as a company driver or independent contractor.
  • Program is effective as of April 20th, 2018 until further notice.  PD&S reserves the right to modify the program at any time.
  • All other driving positions: $50 on completion of first day, $100 at three months and $100 at 6 months.  No ongoing mileage pay.

Call 1-800-735-0087 to find out more details and to speak to a driver career manager!

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Earn some easy money by referring drivers to us. Help you while helping us!

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Referral program

PD&S is always looking to grow with new drivers.  Earn extra, ongoing money,  by referring drivers and helping PD&S grow. You can get paid extra money each month for as long as the referred driver works for PD&S!


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